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Seller Member Benefits: Summary

8:01 PM EST on January 18, 2024

    Summary Page for "Seller" Membership for ICT Vendors

    Optimizing Market Development Funds for Greater ROI with TMBG

    Addressing ICT Vendor Challenges:

    • Enhanced MDF Utilization: TMBG tackles the challenge of low returns on Market Development Funds (MDF) by investing in a unified ICT marketplace brand. This approach amplifies brand awareness and guides technology managers and decision-makers through the ICT procurement process.

    Key Benefits for ICT Vendors:

    • Targeted Brand Investment: Your MDF is invested into a single, powerful marketplace brand, maximizing exposure and efficiency.
    • Streamlined Deal Registration: Benefit from TMBG’s structured deal registration process, offering a balanced opportunity for vendors with a 33% chance of closing registered deals.
    • Increased Marketing Efficiency: TMBG reinvests 50% of all income, including MDF, into crafting AI-enhanced, expert-reviewed ICT buyer guides and promoting TMBG brand awareness in metro markets. This strategy enhances the precision and impact of your marketing efforts.

    Join the TMBG Network:

    • Sponsorship: Join as a Sponsoring TSD for $2,000/month.
    • Market Expansion Support: Contribute to opening new TMBG metro markets by recommending leading advisors.
    • Collaborative Marketing: Support TMBG’s marketing initiatives in your metro areas with suitable MDF.

    Elevate Your Market Position with TMBG - Join Today!

    Seller Member Benefits: Details

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