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How we sort our content with "Pages, Posts, Categories, Sub-categories & Tags". Ideas? Please email

Pages: Governance type stuff that doesn't change much & has menu links.

Posts: "News" items that may be interesting & relevant when first posted but may get stale over time. We generally never delete posts.

Categories, Sub-categories & Sub-sub-categories: Every post should have at least one main category and one sub-category. Sub-sub-categories will be created when a tag doesn't seem right. Following is our initial "Categories:Sub-categories vision":

Members: The "role" individual members assume in the marketplace.

  • Buyer,
  • Advisor,
  • Distributor,
  • Seller,
  • Intern

Solutions: The highest categories in the "technology solution wheel"

Tags: The keywords that are of interest to follow that have yet to rise to the category level