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Unlock the Benefits: A Walkthrough of TMBG’s Exclusive ISP Pricing Portal for Members

5:55 PM EDT on April 16, 2024

    Discover the exceptional benefits of a TMBG membership through an informative video demonstration with Dan Baldwin. This video provides a step-by-step guide to our exclusive 'ISP Pricing Portal', which is instrumental in helping technology managers secure the best possible internet service deals. Although referred to as 'secret', this portal is well-known among our members who understand its value and exclusive availability thanks to their support of TMB.

    Join TMBG's technology manager buyers group to get the best solutions at the lowest prices!
    Join TMBG's technology manager buyers group to get the best solutions at the lowest prices!iStockPhoto
    Access the Portal: A Detailed Demonstration

    Watch as TMBG’s own Dan Baldwin guides you through the features and functionalities of the 'Secret ISP Pricing Portal & Tool'. This demonstration will illustrate how easily you can navigate the portal to find competitive ISP pricing that is generally not available to the public.

    Click here to watch the video

    Understanding the Portal's Unique Position

    While we playfully call it a secret, the 'ISP Pricing Portal' is a critical tool for any technology manager seeking an edge in negotiating and managing internet services. The ISPs providing this data prefer to keep their pricing discreet to maintain competitive advantage, which is why we access this information under special arrangements, ensuring it remains exclusive to TMBG members.

    Best Practices for Using the TMBG ISP Pricing Tool:
    • Discretion is Key: Handle the tool with care. We maintain discreet access not because it’s a true secret, but to respect the terms set by our providers who entrust us with this information.
    • Verify Your Location: Use Google Maps to confirm your service address down to the building level—this ensures the pricing you get is accurate and applicable.
    • Have Your Current ISP Invoice Ready: Knowing your current service details is crucial. This allows you to compare and understand the new pricing options the tool offers effectively.
    • Be Prepared to Buy: The 'B' in TMBG stands for 'Buyer'. Our ICT partners provide access to this tool anticipating potential purchases, so approach with a readiness to consider new offers seriously.
    • Consider Supporting TMBG: If using this tool leads to a better renewal deal with your current ISP, kindly donate a portion of your savings back to TMBG. This helps us maintain and potentially expand our tool offerings.
    Get Personalized Assistance

    Need help navigating the pricing portal? Connect with a TMBG ISP pricing specialist:

    • Phone: Call us at 858-290-5060 and press "1", available Monday through Friday, 7 AM to 7 PM Pacific Time.
    • Email: Send your detailed request to for quick assistance.
    • Schedule a Demonstration: Set up a 'shared screen' session with Dan Baldwin to see the portal tailored to your needs. Book here.


    The TMBG ISP Pricing Portal is more than just a tool—it is a gateway to smarter, more cost-effective internet service management. We invite you to engage with the portal and see first-hand how TMBG can help transform your organization’s internet connectivity strategies. Dive into the demonstration and begin your journey to better internet service management today!

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