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Business Internet Savings Now: New FCC “Labels” Law Unlocks Lowest Pricing, Five Business Takeaways

3:46 PM EDT on April 16, 2024

    The FCC's new "Broadband Label" rule is a game-changer for businesses tired of confusing internet pricing. Now, ISPs must now disclose all fees and charges, giving technology managers unprecedented power to negotiate the best possible deals. Here are five essential takeaways to leverage this newfound transparency:

    New FCC Broadband Labels Law Unlocks Secret ISP Pricing
    New FCC Broadband Labels Law Unlocks Secret ISP Pricing for BusinessesiStockPhoto

    #1: Uncover Secret Discounts (and Why They Exist)

    Don't be fooled – your business neighbor in your same building likely pays less for the same internet speed. ISPs generally overcharge their first building customer to cover the cost of getting into your building. Once they're connected, those costs plummet, leading to better deals for other businesses in the same building.

    • Spectrum Business's $10,000 construction incentive proves this point.
    • Use an ISP technology partner's "secret pricing portal" to uncover the REAL lowest prices from all ISPs that service your business address.

    #2: Tap Into the "Industry Insider Portal"

    ISPs outsource sales, providing technology partners access to the "secret pricing portal" that displays the rock-bottom pricing of every ISP that can provide internet service to any business address. This information is intentionally hidden from the public. Any technology services distribution business however can become an ISP's business technology partner for the purpose of accessing the secret ISP pricing portal to enable their fellow business the ability to directly access & place orders for better internet at better pricing.

    #3: TMBG: Your Insider Pricing Advantage

    The Technology Manager Buyers Group (TMBG) leverages collective buying power to provide members access to the industry insider ISP pricing portal. This ensures that TMBG members always have instant access to the lowest internet prices available for their business location. Furthermore, the ISP commissions normally paid to sales partners are instead returned to TMBG members annually as professional service vouchers, making membership with TMBG economically beneficial.

    #4: Failover Internet is Now Affordable

    Remember, downtime isn't just about missed cat videos. Today's businesses rely on always-on internet for critical systems. With transparent pricing, a redundant connection from a different ISP becomes a smart investment, safeguarding your operations.

    #5: Your Incumbent Cable Company's Advantage

    As the cost of internet access drops and its importance in business operations grows, your local "cableco" ISP is becoming the foundational technology provider. They can offer substantial technological services at competitive prices due to scale and infrastructure. While specialized tech providers may offer bespoke solutions, many businesses find that the solutions provided by their cableco ISP are sufficiently robust and more cost-effective.

    TMBG Members: Click Here to See TMBG's Secret ISP Pricing Portal in Action!

    About Technology Manager Buyers Group

    TMBG is a technology services distribution and consulting business owned by independent technology managers for the benefit of other technology managers. TMBG focuses on providing its members with objective comparative buying information free from sales commissions and marketing noise.

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