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These 2,000 SD Businesses Qualify for a $10,000 Spectrum Internet Installation Credit (Get paid a bounty to let them know)

1:42 AM EST on February 14, 2024

    Spectrum pays up to $10,000 to make you a business internet customer

    Spectrum pays up to $10,000 to make you a business internet customer

    TMBG has added these 2,000 San Diego businesses to a special group to let them know that Spectrum will pay up to $10,000 to earn their internet business. Know the decision makers at these 2,000 businesses? Get paid a notification bounty by TMBG when they sign up to for their Spectrum internet service.

    Spectrum provides top quality in-ground, coax internet that is very low cost but very high quality because it's in armor shielded conduit in the ground. Spectrum's internet is the goto leader for any small to medium sized business offering download speeds of 1gig with a business phone line for just $157 per month. Don't need a gig? Download at 300megs for just $73 per month.

    Spectrum is offering these crazy low prices on an even crazier month-to-month contract because their internet quality is so high that once your business switches to Spectrum you will absolutely never go back to any other provider.

    Spectrum Pays Up to $10,000 to Get Your Business Installed

    The reason Spectrum's service is so rock solid is that it directly connects to you via a virtually indestructible coax wire in the ground. No wireless connections that can be affected by whether or obstructions. But because of this direct wired connection, until now, not every business was eligible to get connected to Spectrum due to the physical distance of the business to the Spectrum internet portal.

    But now, all those 2,000 San Diego businesses on the map above, who were likely turned down by Spectrum in the past as "too far away" can now take advantage of Spectrum's $10,000 installation credit. That's right, Spectrum will pay out of their own pocket up to $10,000 to dig a trench to your building so you can finally connect to the rock solid internet of your dreams.

    Is Your Business on this Map? Call 951-610-0600 Mon-Fri, 5am-7pm PT

    The process is simple with just the following steps:

    1. Business owners or decision makers on the map of 2,000 businesses above call 951-610-0600 Monday through Friday between 5am-7pm PT
    2. Identify yourself and let the trained technology advisor confirm your business address
    3. Let them know what business internet speed you want & if you want a phone line included
    4. E-sign the month-to-month electronic agreement that you'll get emailed
    5. Spectrum will schedule your installation so long as they don't need to pay more than $10,000 to bring their indestructible coax internet cable out to your service address

    That's it! Take advantage of Spectrum's $10,000 "Let's Connect" installation offer today by calling 951-610-0600 Mon-Fri, 5am-7pm PT

    Know the Business Owner or Decision Maker? Get Paid a Notification Bounty!

    If you can help TMBG & Spectrum notify the proper owner or decision maker at these 2,000 San Diego businesses about Spectrum's $10,000 installation offer, TMBG will pay you a notification bounty when they sign up for service. To get the bounty collection instructions, email Dan Baldwin at with "Spectrum Bounty Collection Instructions Request" in the subject line.

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