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Seller Member Benefits: Details

8:06 PM EST on January 18, 2024 A Strategic Edge for ICT Vendors

    Maximizing Returns on Market Development Funds with TMBG

    Redefining MDF Investment for ICT Vendors:
    TMBG offers a unique solution to a common challenge faced by ICT vendors – achieving higher returns on Market Development Funds. By channeling these funds into a single, consolidated ICT marketplace brand, TMBG elevates your brand's visibility and educates potential clients on efficient procurement processes.

    Strategic Investment and Process Simplification:

    • Focused Branding Efforts: TMBG directs 50% of all revenue, including MDF, into creating comprehensive, AI-enhanced ICT buyer guides. These guides assist technology managers in identifying the best-matched ICT vendors, streamlining the deal registration process.
    • Efficient Deal Registration: TMBG’s structured deal registration ensures a balanced opportunity for all vendors, providing each a 33% chance of success for registered deals. This process also guarantees proper commission allocation through existing TSDs and their advisors.

    Practical Benefits and Implementation:

    • Marketing and Sales Efficiency: TMBG’s approach to reinvesting MDF leads to a more effective marketing and sales process, significantly enhancing the value of every MDF dollar spent.
    • Comprehensive Brand Awareness: The other 50% of TMBG revenue is invested in marketing the TMBG brand across metro marketplaces, ensuring that technology managers and decision-makers are well aware of the benefits of joining TMBG. This widespread brand awareness facilitates a more efficient ICT service and solution procurement process for members.

    Joining TMBG as an ICT Vendor:

    1. Sponsoring Membership: Enroll as a Sponsoring TSD with a monthly fee of $2,000.
    2. Advisor Nomination: Aid in expanding TMBG's reach by nominating top advisors for new metro markets.
    3. Marketing Collaboration: Enhance TMBG's marketing efforts in your designated metro areas with appropriate MDF contributions.

    Transform Your Marketing Strategy with TMBG

    As an ICT vendor, joining TMBG not only enhances your market position but also ensures a more efficient and impactful use of your Market Development Funds. Become a part of this innovative platform to experience a paradigm shift in your business strategy.

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