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Intern Member Benefits: Summary

8:20 PM EST on January 18, 2024 for Future ICT Advisors & Technology Managers

    Launching Your Career in ICT with TMBG

    Why TMBG?

    • Career Foundation: TMBG is designed to be the stepping stone for those aspiring to become professional ICT advisors or technology managers. Whether full-time or part-time, this platform offers a gateway to a rewarding career in ICT.

    Opportunities for Aspiring Professionals:

    • Insightful Introduction: Learn the basics of the ICT industry, akin to understanding the components of a smartphone – hardware, apps, and connectivity.
    • Role Understanding: Gain a clear view of the roles of technology managers and ICT advisors, and how they interact in the business ecosystem.
    • Commission Structure: Understand the financial dynamics of the ICT market, including the commission-based income system.

    Getting Started with TMBG:

    • First Steps: Join TMBG and express your interest in beginning your journey as an intern under a successful ICT advisor.
    • Learning and Growth: Benefit from the wealth of training and knowledge available through TMBG, setting a solid foundation for your future career.

    Embark on Your ICT Career Path - Join TMBG Today!

    Intern Member Benefits: Details

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