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8:17 PM EST on January 18, 2024 Your Pathway to Becoming an ICT Professional

    Your Gateway to a Rewarding Career in Information & Communications Technology

    TMBG's Mission for Future Professionals:
    At TMBG, we understand the challenges of entering the ICT industry. Our goal is to provide an accessible entry point for those aspiring to be technology managers or ICT advisors. By joining TMBG, you step into a world of opportunity, gaining insights and experience in a sector that's continuously growing and evolving.

    Understanding the ICT Ecosystem:

    • The Smartphone Analogy: Just as a smartphone comprises hardware, apps, and connectivity, the ICT industry has its own critical components – services, solutions, and connectivity. TMBG helps you understand these components and their interplay within the business world.
    • Roles and Responsibilities: Learn the difference between technology managers and ICT advisors. While the former takes an active role post-contract, ensuring ICT solutions meet business needs, the latter focuses on the advisory and selling process, stepping back once a deal is closed.
    • Financial Insights: Delve into the commission-based structure of the ICT market. With businesses spending significant amounts on ICT services, understanding how commissions are earned and distributed is key to grasping the industry's financial dynamics.

    Starting Your Career with TMBG:

    1. Join TMBG: Sign up and indicate your interest in pursuing a career in ICT.
    2. Internship Opportunities: Get matched with an experienced ICT advisor for an internship, providing real-world experience and insights.
    3. Learning and Development: Access a wealth of training resources from ICT solution vendors, facilitated by TMBG's AI-driven content curation, turning "how to sell" information into valuable "how to buy" knowledge.
    4. Career Progression: Whether you aim to be a technology manager within a business or an independent ICT advisor, TMBG lays the groundwork for your journey.

    Your Future in ICT Starts Here

    TMBG offers a unique platform for aspiring ICT professionals to learn, grow, and succeed in this dynamic industry. By joining TMBG, you're not just starting a job; you're embarking on a career path filled with opportunities for personal and professional growth.

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