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How to Sell Cybersecurity Services with M365

4:07 AM EST on January 30, 2024

    Training for MSPs: Wednesday, 2/7/24, 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM PST, Register

    Details: Chartec partner Augmentt is dedicated to helping managed service providers (MSPs) excel by simplifying M365 security services, empowering you to have a comprehensive view of your customers’ security posture.

    The surge in SaaS usage, and cybercrime has created numerous challenges for MSPs but also provides a significant opportunity for growth. MSPs who can build, scale, and monetise their SaaS management and security stack will enjoy a bright and profitable future. Today, that start with securing your clients’ number one business application – Microsoft.

    The Augmentt platform makes it easy for you to deliver and price an M365 security service. With Augmentt, MSPs can audit, protect and detect threats against the Microsoft environment across all your tenants from a single pane of glass as well as run unlimited M365 Security reports for your customers, gaining unparalleled visibility into their security posture.

    Join former Head of Community & Strategic Partnerships at Augmentt, George Smith as he provides a workshop on how MSPs can sell cyber security services by highlighting threats in M365.

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