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Why Healthcare is Building Unified Communications Upon Zultys’ ICT Platform

3:03 AM EST on December 15, 2023


    VoIP Pioneer & Current Leader Recognized with 2024 Foundation Award

    Comprised of longtime ICT consultants serving the healthcare space, Technology Manager Buyers Group or "TMBG", operated by Technology Association or "TA", is always evaluating technology solution providers capable of balancing the healthcare community’s need for advanced patient-serving capabilities but with uncompromising security. The providers that get this right are well-positioned to become the backbone of healthcare IT infrastructure.

    In our recent evaluations, one company stood out – Zultys. This leading information & communications technology VoIP provider equips healthcare organizations with a unified platform blending their legacy communications needs with the sophisticated tools modern "care anywhere" teams require.

    But what truly made TA identify Zultys as an emerging healthcare ICT foundation solution provider is how they infuse healthcare-grade security and compliance into everything they do. With end-to-end encryption, HIPAA-centric configurations, physical security access management, and integrations with leading third-party apps, Zultys enables data security professionals to rest easy.

    These capabilities have fast attracted healthcare CIOs looking for an all-in-one information and communications solution capable of anchoring their current and future technology roadmaps. So as TA members consulted with healthcare IT leaders this past year, we repeatedly saw Zultys surface as an information and communications technology backbone enabling healthcare enterprises to balance innovation with ironclad data protection.

    This widespread adoption did not go unnoticed. Last week, Zultys was presented with the prestigious Foundation Award from the Technology Association – a recognition reserved solely for those exceptional technology companies serving as the most reliable and versatile foundational platforms upon which entire healthcare business infrastructures can be constructed.

    Zultys receipt of this exclusive award encapsulates their emergence as the new standard bearer for healthcare’s information and communication technology needs. As healthcare’s data security and patient coordination hurdles grow more complex year after year, the extensive capabilities and flawless compliance Zultys bakes into their platform will only become more indispensable for healthcare enterprises across the country.

    Advanced healthcare institutions adopt Zultys' HIPAA-compliant ICT platform, forming the bedrock of their patient-focused operations, ensuring immediate yet secure connections between patients and healthcare providers with optimal efficiency

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