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Finding Your Match in Managed Print Services: A Comprehensive Guide for Business Leaders

4:30 AM EST on December 21, 2023


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    Streamlining Your Print Management Strategy: Navigating the Options to Enhance Efficiency and Productivity

    In the era of digital transformation, selecting the right managed print service (MPS) provider is crucial for optimizing printing infrastructure and enhancing efficiency. This guide, tailored for business end-users contemplating serverless print solutions, will help you navigate through the offerings of five leading vendors: PrinterLogic, PaperCut, uniFLOW, Equitrac, and Printix. Our "Managed Print Vendor Self-Discovery Checklist" aims to align your specific business needs with the ideal provider.

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    A print user missing another sales presentation deadline waiting for IT to fix the printers againiStock

    Managed Print Vendor Self-Discovery Checklist This checklist is intended to guide you in identifying the key aspects of your print management requirements and matching them with the most suitable vendor.

    1. Print Environment Complexity
      • Thought Process: Consider the complexity of your print environment. This includes the number of printers, diversity of printer models, and the variety of user needs.
      • A) High complexity with a variety of printer models and user needs.
      • B) Moderate complexity with some specialized printing needs.
      • C) Low complexity, mostly standard printing needs.
    2. Scale of Operations
      • Thought Process: The size of your operations will influence the type of MPS you need. Larger enterprises may require more scalable and robust solutions.
      • A) Large enterprise with extensive printing needs across multiple locations.
      • B) Medium-sized business with moderate printing needs.
      • C) Small business with limited printing needs.
    3. Integration with Existing Systems
      • Thought Process: Assess how the MPS will integrate with your current IT infrastructure, including compatibility with existing systems and ease of deployment.
      • A) Need for high integration with complex IT systems.
      • B) Moderate integration with existing IT infrastructure.
      • C) Basic integration, with straightforward IT systems.
    4. Budget Constraints
      • Thought Process: Your budget will play a significant role in determining which MPS provider you can afford, balancing cost with features.
      • A) High budget with a focus on premium features.
      • B) Moderate budget, seeking value for money.
      • C) Limited budget, focusing on essential features.
    5. Security and Compliance Needs
      • Thought Process: Security is a critical aspect of print management, especially for industries handling sensitive information.
      • A) High security and compliance requirements (e.g., healthcare, finance).
      • B) Moderate security needs.
      • C) Basic security requirements.
    6. User-Friendly Features
      • Thought Process: Evaluate the importance of user-friendly features like self-service printer installation and ease of use.
      • A) High priority on user-friendly and intuitive features.
      • B) Balanced approach to user-friendliness and functionality.
      • C) Basic usability is sufficient.

    Scoring Key:

    • For PrinterLogic: If you scored mostly A's, PrinterLogic's robust and comprehensive solutions are ideal for complex, large-scale environments with high security and integration needs.
    • For PaperCut: Mostly B's suggest PaperCut is suitable for medium-sized businesses seeking a balance between functionality and budget.
    • For uniFLOW: If your answers lean towards A's and B's, uniFLOW's versatile solutions cater well to organizations with diverse needs and moderate to high integration requirements.
    • For Equitrac: Equitrac is a good fit if you scored B's and C's, indicating a need for moderate security and user-friendly features without extensive budget constraints.
    • For Printix: Scoring mostly C's aligns with Printix’s offerings, ideal for small businesses or those with basic printing needs and limited budgets.

    This checklist is designed to steer you towards a managed print service provider that aligns closely with your organizational needs and priorities. By carefully considering each aspect, you can confidently make an informed decision, ensuring your print management solution enhances efficiency and productivity in your business environment.

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