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Distributor Member Benefits: Summary

7:50 PM EST on January 18, 2024 for Technology Service Distributors (TSDs)

    Enhancing Sales and Market Position for TSDs with TMBG

    Solving Core Challenges for TSDs:

    • Sales Volume Boost: TMBG tackles the low sales volume challenge by uniting technology advisors under a single marketing brand, efficiently directing them towards untapped ICT opportunities.
    • Advisor Exclusivity: TMBG addresses exclusivity issues by limiting affiliated advisors to two per TSD in each metro area, ensuring focused and effective representation.

    Key Benefits for TSDs:

    • Brand Unification: Join a unified ICT marketing brand that reinvests 50% of revenue into targeted marketing.
    • Strategic Affiliate Selection: Benefit from a selective process that confirms advisors' standing and influence.
    • Dual TSD Strategy: Educate members on the advantages of splitting their ICT deals between a primary and a secondary TSD, ensuring optimal service and engagement.

    Join the TMBG Network:

    • Membership: Join as a Sponsoring TSD for $2,000/month.
    • Market Expansion: Play a vital role in expanding new TMBG metro markets by recommending top advisors.
    • Marketing Collaboration: Contribute to TMBG's marketing efforts in your metro areas.

    Elevate Your Market Position with TMBG - Join Today!

    Distributor Member Benefits: Details

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