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Distributor Member Benefits: Details

7:53 PM EST on January 18, 2024 A Strategic Platform for Technology Service Distributors

    Transforming Sales and Marketing Dynamics for TSDs with TMBG

    Addressing TSD Challenges with Innovative Solutions:
    TMBG is dedicated to solving two major challenges faced by Technology Service Distributors:

    1. Enhancing Sales Volume: Many TSDs struggle with low sales volumes due to the intense competition and marketing clutter in the ICT sector. TMBG offers a unified marketing brand for technology advisors to rally behind, thus cutting through the market noise and tapping into a broader range of ICT opportunities.
    2. Promoting Advisor Exclusivity: TSDs often find it difficult to ensure advisor loyalty and exclusivity. TMBG addresses this by limiting the number of affiliated advisors to just two per TSD in each local metro territory, ensuring dedicated and effective representation.

    Strategic Marketing and Advisor Selection:

    • Focused Investment: 50% of all TMBG revenue is reinvested into marketing, specifically targeting the metro markets of affiliated agents.
    • Selective Affiliation: TMBG takes great care in confirming the standing of advisor candidates with their respective TSDs, valuing endorsements and ensuring that only the most influential advisors represent your brand.

    Practical Implementation and Benefits:

    • Contracted Sub-Agent Role: In practice, TMBG acts as a sub-agent under its affiliated advisors. This facilitates efficient deal registrations and initiates follow-up with TSD sales engineering teams.
    • Dual TSD Procurement Strategy: TMBG educates its members about the benefits of distributing their ICT deals between a primary and a secondary TSD. This strategy keeps TSD sales teams motivated and ensures that members receive top-notch pre-sales service.

    Joining TMBG as a TSD:

    1. Sponsoring Membership: Join as a Sponsoring TSD with a monthly fee of $2,000.
    2. Advisor Nomination: Play a pivotal role in expanding TMBG's reach by nominating leading advisors.
    3. Marketing Collaboration: Support TMBG’s marketing efforts in your designated metro areas, enhancing your brand's visibility and impact.

    Step into a More Efficient and Productive Future with TMBG

    As a TSD, joining TMBG opens doors to enhanced sales opportunities, streamlined marketing efforts, and a stronger market presence. Become a part of this innovative platform and redefine your business strategy.

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