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Why San Diego Enterprise Businesses Choose Pure IP & ATEL for their Teams Phone Migration

3:16 PM EST on February 12, 2024

    Pure IP & ATEL Bring Teams Phone Migration Success to San Diego Businesses!

    Pure IP & ATEL Bring Teams Phone Migration Success to San Diego Businesses!

    Leveraging Expertise for Seamless Teams Phone Migration: Pure IP & ATEL Communications

    Following is an overview of how Pure IP and ATEL Communications partner with San Diego's enterprise businesses with their migration to Teams Phone. The slide narration is provided by Pure IP's Andrew Steinke.

    In the dynamic landscape of enterprise telephony, San Diego businesses are increasingly seeking reliable partners to navigate their migration to Microsoft Teams Phone. The collaboration between Pure IP and ATEL Communications emerges as a beacon of expertise and customer-centric service, offering a unique blend of global experience and local knowledge.

    Achieve Desired Savings without Sacrificing Experienced Support

    Pure IP, with its remarkable history of over 15 years in Microsoft telephony, stands out as a seasoned expert in the field. This depth of experience ensures that enterprises benefit from a partner that has been at the forefront of telephony advancements, understanding the nuances of Microsoft's ecosystem. On the other hand, ATEL Communications brings nearly four decades of dedication to San Diego businesses, offering comprehensive support in business phone systems and technology solutions. Together, they create an unmatched force, ensuring that the transition to Teams Phone is not just a migration but a strategic enhancement of business communication capabilities.

    The drive towards Teams Phone by enterprise businesses is fueled by the quest for efficiency and integration. Many enterprises find themselves equipped with Microsoft E3 & E5 licenses, presenting an opportunity to streamline their telephony services. By migrating to Teams Phone, businesses can leverage their existing Microsoft infrastructure, thereby eliminating redundant telephony licenses and reducing costs. This strategic move not only simplifies IT management but also harnesses the full potential of their Microsoft investment.

    Local San Diego Expertise with Global Reach for Enterprise Businesses

    Choosing Pure IP and ATEL Communications as partners in this journey offers businesses a dual advantage. Firstly, Pure IP's proven track record with Microsoft telephony ensures a deep understanding of the Teams environment, guaranteeing a seamless integration with existing systems. Secondly, ATEL's local expertise and customer-focused approach mean that businesses receive personalized, hands-on support throughout the migration process. This combination ensures that enterprises benefit from a robust Microsoft Teams Phone solution, backed by the kind of attentive service that only comes from working with seasoned Microsoft partners.

    The partnership between Pure IP and ATEL Communications is more than just a collaboration; it's a commitment to providing San Diego businesses with a flawless migration experience to Teams Phone. With expert planning, execution, and after-migration support, businesses can trust this team to deliver a solution that meets their needs today while paving the way for future growth and innovation.

    To learn how ATEL Communications can assist you with your San Diego headquartered enterprise business, please contact ATEL's Steve Handelman at 858-646-4600 or visit

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