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Like Tech Services “Costco”! Find, quote & compare 200+ top vendors through an enterprise buyers group.

1:33 AM EST on February 2, 2024

    News & deals, AT&T to Zoom!

    Nice to meet you, I'm Dan Baldwin, Editor & Publisher of

    Technology Manager Buyers Group is like Costco for business tech services because you have to be a member to buy through our group and we professionally vet all vendor services for outstanding value and great price.

    After we vet a vendor, we educate our members to compare the vendor's services to their two nearest competitors to ensure the best solution match.

    I personally write, edit or review all content before publication to ensure it squares with my 30+ years experience project managing complex, multi-vendor IT projects for enterprise, multi-location businesses with 500+ employees spending $50,000+ a month on information & communications technology or "ICT".

    Being an expert business tech services buyer means only buying solutions that actually solve the problem they're purchased for. Becoming and remaining an expert buyer in today's constantly evolving technology marketplace requires constant searching, learning and comparing new vendors & emerging tech solutions. That's where TMBG & comes in. = (Human Experience + Vetted AI Research) x 2 x 2 items are vetted four ways. They originate from the professional experiences of ICT buyers, advisors, distributors and vendors that I've personally worked with or vouched for by LinkedIn connections that I know and trust. Next, we AI prompt what we think we know against targeted knowledge databases to learn what's beyond our personal experiences. Then we do that again with a different AI. Human subject matter expert review is our final step.

    Enterprise Businesses Join TMBG for Trusted Quick Quotes & Analysis

    For business with 500+ employees headquartered in San Diego or Orange County, California, TMBG is the enterprise technology services buyers group that connects your technology managers to 200+ top ICT vendors via a dedicated quote and order hotline staffed by trained technology advisors Monday through Friday, 7am to 7pm PT.

    Need to explore options first? Schedule an appointment with one or more of the most experienced, vendor neutral solutions architects, design engineers and applications optimizers in the ICT industry. TMBG is affiliated with every technology services distributor ("TSD") and will match you with the TSD vendor neutral, solution engineering teams that best fit your requirements!

    TMBG Serves SMB's Too! Get enterprise level service for $10 per month

    If you're a San Diego or Orange County business with under 500 employees that spends over $500 a month on tech services, you can join TMBG for as low as $10 a month to get the same enterprise level benefits described above.

    Learn to Earn Yourself a Great Work From Home Career with TMBG

    TMBG is a for profit business management consulting firm that's owned and operated by Technology Association, a non-profit corporation founded to educate anyone wanting a great work from home career about all they need to know to succeed in our ICT solutions and services distribution industry.

    TMBG's ICT career training content is created by ICT professionals who have succeeded over the past 30+ years and is passed on to you so you can succeed in our industry for the next 30+ years.

    Whether you're a corporate IT employee looking to start your own consulting business or simply anyone with an entrepreneurial dream, TMBG is operated by the people that had that dream 30+ years ago and have it still today. Join us and we'll teach you everything we know so you can can live the dream as we have.

    TMBG teaches you how to have a successful work at home career

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