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Need a Small Business Phone System but with “All the Buttons”? Simplified Networks combines new VoIP features without losing “old school” functionality

9:34 PM EST on February 12, 2024

    Never drop another small business call with Simplified’s new-age, old school, squared VoIP internet-IP phone delivered by ATEL
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    Never drop another small business call with Simplified’s new-age, old school, squared VoIP internet-IP phone delivered by ATEL

    Remember when you could put a caller on hold & say, "Hey boss, your big customer's on line two" and the boss got on line two without dropping the call?

    In the old days, when a small business office phone was loaded up with enough buttons so anyone could A) see who was on their phones, B) put a caller on hold, and C) intercom a co-worker and tell them what line the caller was holding on, and D) have the co-worker take the call off hold without accidentally disconnecting it, we said the business had a "squared phone system".

    The definition of any squared phone system is however many incoming lines was available to answer incoming calls, that's how many lines every phone could see. While it might seem inefficient, and maybe it was, at least anyone could process incoming calls, put them on hold and then get the right person to take the call without an advanced computer degree.

    No More, "Sorry, I dropped the call!"

    When the today's current VoIP and internet-based IP phones displaced the old-school squared phone systems, phone users complained, "But now I can't see where the caller's on hold!" The IP-phone sellers assured them, "Oh, that's the old way - new modern phones don't need that. Don't worry, you'll learn the new way really quick and will forget about the old way."

    One zillion disconnected calls later, Simplified Networks re-invented the old school squared phone system functionality on the new VoIP internet-IP phone platform and finally made it possible for the new and the old ways to exist on the same phone system.

    Anyone Can Use this Phone Correctly & Inexpensively Full-Featured

    Finally, every small business can have an inexpensive, new-age old school squared phone system that's so loaded with buttons that a distracted first-grader can act as the receptionist of any small medical office without ever loosing a call.

    Watch the short seven-minute video below to see the modern phone system of your dreams for any small business office. All the old squared "see all the buttons features" with all the new modern features of call recording and call center features with an added twist, any of the phones can be anywhere on the planet.

    No longer do all employees need to be within the same building because the new phones have old-fashioned intercom powered by the internet. Your receptionist can work from home or from another state or country and still be able to see who's on their phone, put a caller on hold and then intercom the boss to pick-up line three.

    Watch Low-Cost, New-Age, Old School Phones Work Like Your Dreams!

    The phones in the demo above are old, refurbished Grandstream 2160s & 2170s meaning they're very inexpensive. Simplified Networks ("Simplified") is also a new-age, old school phone company in that unlike the mega phone giants like 8x8 and RingCentral who tell you, this is the price and this is the only way the phones work, Simplified Networks says, "What else do you want the phone to do and what do you want to pay?"

    It's not that they're in the business of losing money, it's just that Simplified owns their own VoIP telephony software code and they're small enough so that you can still get a real Simplified telephony code writing engineer on a call with you to understand your use-case and then seriously consider whether it can be delivered.

    While many businesses might shy away from going with a small phone company they've never heard of, many other mid-sized businesses with thousands of users across the country are happy to have Simplified be their business phone system where they are able to get a modern phone system as bullet-proof as 8x8 or RingCentral but with the feature flexibility of a phone company still operated by the engineers that started it up decades ago.

    If you're tired of hearing, "Sorry we can't do that with our phones" and ready to hear, "Yes, we can deliver that special feature you need for your call center or ...?" then meet Simplified Networks and their most experienced San Diego distributor and integrator ATEL Communications.

    Need Simple & Affordable but Full-Featured? ATEL + Simplified Networks!

    No matter if you need two phones or thousands of phones, Simplified and ATEL are ready to deliver your San Diego business the new-age, old school feature functionality you need at a price you want to afford with the hands on, after sale client service you expect. To get more information contact ATEL's Steve Handelman at 858-646-4600 or visit

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