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Flat Rate Power BI Training, $1500 per Day

9:07 PM EST on February 11, 2024

    See your data

    See your data, solve your problems

    Need your staff to see your data better to make the right decisions in 2024, corporate Power BI expert trains your staff per project or ... ?

    If your corporation is new to using Power BI to hunt down all your siloed data so you can use your own corporate information to solve immediate or future problems, Michael Mitchell, owner of Data I-Que, LLC and Power BI Rep is ready train your staff to power through the big data project in front of you for a flat rate of just $1500 per day.

    Mike is a Power BI Trainer and Developer with over 10 years of corporate experience in ERP and data management, and provides custom branded Power BI training and development solutions for clients across various industries.

    Mike has certifications in Learning R, Power BI Data Modeling with DAX, and Power BI Data Methods from LinkedIn, and is proficient in SQL, SSMS, and SSAS. He has a proven track record of developing advanced data models, creating intricate reports, and generating insights using Power BI.

    Don't let your data stay hidden, connect Mike to your staff & your problem so you can identify the answers buried in your own data. Contact Mike today at 224-280-1955 or

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