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Don’t Just Capture Video – Prevent Crime from Happening!

2:34 AM EST on December 28, 2023

    Alibi Security

    Compare the Top Five Active Deterrence Security Camera Vendors with TMBG's Self-Discovery and Self-Assessment Checklist

    It's time to change the way you think about video security! Traditionally, video security systems were passive – recording footage to be reviewed after an incident occurred. This process often involved retrieving the recorded video, sending it to the authorities, and hoping the criminals could still be caught. But now, Alibi Security is revolutionizing this approach with their innovative Alibi Vigilant Active Deterrence Cameras.

    These state-of-the-art cameras are designed to proactively deter crime. When a perpetrator is detected, the cameras can activate flashing white strobe lights, or even red and blue lights, depending on the model. Additionally, built-in speakers allow for alarm sounds or custom messages to be played, actively warning intruders that they have been spotted.

    What sets these cameras apart is their advanced Starlight chipsets. This technology enables the capture of clear, color images 24/7, even in low-light conditions. Plus, with SmartSense capabilities, these cameras offer AI-based analytics like Facial Detection, Cross Line Detection, Intrusion Detection, and more. This means more accurate, efficient security monitoring.

    Alibi Vigilant Active Deterrence Cameras also ensure you're always in the loop. Receive real-time notifications and alerts directly to your mobile device via SMS or email, keeping you informed wherever you are.

    Active Deterrence Security Camera Self-Discovery and Self-Assessment Checklist for TMBG Members

    Here's a self-discovery, self-assessment checklist designed for TMBG IT decision-maker members to assess the suitability of active deterrence security cameras and determine which of the Top Five vendors could be the best fit for their needs. The checklist includes a variety of factors to consider and options that correspond to the offerings of Alibi Security and its competitors.

    1. What is the primary use case for the security cameras?
      • A. Property crime deterrence (e.g., retail, commercial)
      • B. Perimeter protection (e.g., industrial, construction)
      • C. Loss prevention (e.g., warehousing, logistics)
      • D. Home security
      • E. Other: ___________
    2. What is the required resolution for the security cameras?
      • A. Standard HD (1080p)
      • B. Superior clarity (4MP to 5MP)
      • C. Ultra HD (4K)
      • D. No specific resolution requirement
    3. What are the lighting conditions of the area to be secured?
      • A. Well-lit environments
      • B. Dim lit or low-light environments
      • C. Varied lighting conditions requiring adaptable solutions
      • D. Not sure
    4. How important is the night vision capability?
      • A. Critical - we require full-color night vision
      • B. Important - standard infrared night vision is sufficient
      • C. Not important - area is well-lit at night
      • D. Not sure
    5. Do you require cameras with two-way audio capability?
      • A. Yes
      • B. No
      • C. Not sure
    6. Are intelligent detection features needed, such as line crossing and intrusion detection?
      • A. Yes, we need advanced AI features
      • B. Basic motion detection is sufficient
      • C. No additional features needed
      • D. Not sure
    7. What type of camera form factor do you prefer?
      • A. Bullet cameras for visible deterrence
      • B. Dome or turret cameras for a more discreet presence
      • C. No preference
      • D. Not sure
    8. How do you plan to manage the video surveillance system?
      • A. Via a local DVR/NVR
      • B. Cloud-based solution
      • C. Combination of both
      • D. Not sure
    9. What is your budget for the security camera system?
      • A. Economy
      • B. Mid-range
      • C. Premium
      • D. Not sure
    10. Are you looking for NDAA-compliant cameras?
      • A. Yes
      • B. No
      • C. Not sure

    Best Vendor Fit Answer Key:

    • If you chose mostly As and Bs, Lorex or Nelly's Security may offer the product range suitable for your requirements.
    • If night vision and intelligent detection are critical (A or C in question 4, A in question 6), consider Alibi Security or ENS Security for their advanced features.
    • If budget is a concern but high resolution is required (A in question 9 and B or C in question 2), Nelly's Security's GoSwift line could be a good match.
    • If you require NDAA compliance and a variety of form factors (A in question 10, A or B in question 7), Alibi Security might be the best fit.
    • If you have a preference for cloud solutions (B in question 8), ensure the chosen vendor supports this.

    Remember, by deal-registering your active deterrence security camera interest with TMBG, you'll be eligible for member discounts on your chosen solution with no haggling required. This can provide significant savings while ensuring you get the top-notch security solution your organization needs.

    Active Deterrence Security Camera Vendor Benefit/Feature Comparison

    Analysis of Active Deterrence Security Camera Vendor 2023/2024 Ranking

    1. Alibi Security: Positioned at the high end of both axes, Alibi Security scores well due to its comprehensive range of features, including advanced AI analytics and night vision capabilities. They also score highly in benefits, possibly due to their customer service, ease of use, and competitive pricing structure, particularly when deal-registering with TMBG for additional discounts. For follow-up, you can visit Alibi Security.
    2. Lorex: Close to Alibi in the graph, Lorex also offers a robust feature set, especially in high-resolution cameras and large ecosystem of security products. Their benefit score is slightly lower, which might reflect pricing or service aspects compared to Alibi. You can follow up with Lorex at Lorex Technology.
    3. Nelly's Security: This vendor is plotted moderately for both features and benefits, suggesting a solid but not top-tier range of camera technologies. They may offer a balance of quality and value that appeals to a broad segment of customers. For more details, their website is Nelly's Security.
    4. ENS Security: ENS's score is comparable to Lorex in features, indicating a strong technological offering, perhaps with standout features like white light LED technology for improved night imaging. Their benefit score is aligned with Nelly's, suggesting good overall value. ENS Security can be contacted via ENS Security.
    5. Optiview USA: Positioned lower on both axes, Optiview may offer more basic or niche solutions that are adequate for specific uses. Their benefits are also moderate, which could be reflective of a more focused or smaller customer service operation. Optiview can be reached at Optiview USA.

    This analysis provides a general overview based on hypothetical positioning in the feature/benefit matrix. The actual analysis should be based on detailed market research and customer reviews. The links provided will direct you to each company's official website for further engagement.

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