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Buyers Member Benefits: Details

6:35 PM EST on January 18, 2024

    Welcome to the Technology Member Buyers Group (TMBG)

    Your Premier Destination for ICT Management and Decision Making

    What is TMBG?
    TMBG stands as a pivotal resource for business technology managers and ICT decision-makers, akin to a specialized, professional Costco for the ICT sector. Our platform,, is an exclusive, members-only portal that delivers in-depth, Consumer Reports-style insights. This service is tailored to empower technology managers in enhancing the ROI of their current ICT infrastructure, including internet services, business phone systems, and vital software applications.

    Your Membership Benefits:

    1. Exclusive ICT Toll-Free Number: For a modest membership fee of $10 monthly, members receive a unique toll-free number. This number is your gateway to ordering a vast array of ICT services and solutions, ranging from familiar vendors like AT&T to Zoom, all at fixed, TMBG-negotiated prices, eliminating the hassle of bargaining.
    2. Comprehensive Spend Tracking: Utilize your TMBG toll-free number to manage and track your annual ICT expenditure across various categories and vendors, enabling precise budget management.
    3. TMBG Rewards Points: Each purchase through TMBG not only ensures competitive pricing but also earns you valuable rewards points. These points can be redeemed for a suite of professional ICT services, including multi-vendor proposal analysis, IT project management, AI integration, network design, cybersecurity assessments, and more. Additionally, avail services for creating and auditing technical documents like RFPs and SOWs.

    Our Unique Approach:
    At TMBG, we revolutionize the ICT marketplace by reallocating funds typically spent on sales and marketing. This restructuring allows us to create an AI-enhanced marketplace, adeptly connecting ICT buyers with the top three vendors ideally suited to meet their specific needs. This streamlined process results in substantial savings, which we pass on to our members through lower prices.

    The TMBG Experience for ICT Professionals:

    • Get Started: Join us and receive your exclusive order number.
    • Stay Informed: Access our weekly newsletter every Thursday for the latest in ICT.
    • Easy Ordering: Use your number to order services efficiently.
    • Expert Guidance: Schedule calls with our sales engineers for tailored ICT solutions.
    • AI-Driven Recommendations: Receive personalized, engineer-reviewed ICT solutions for complex needs.
    • Earn and Use Rewards: Accumulate points with every purchase and redeem them for valuable professional services.
    • Budget Management: Regularly review your ICT spending through TMBG to align it with your technology strategy.
    • Continual Engagement: Utilize TMBG resources to keep your technology plan in sync with your business objectives.
    • Spread the Word: Educate your colleagues about the competitive edge TMBG offers.

    Take the Next Step in ICT Management
    Embark on a journey of streamlined, cost-effective ICT management today. Join us at and redefine the way you handle technology in your business.

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