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A Christmas TV Ad Shows How Your Technology Manager Cares About You – Year Round

1:59 AM EST on December 13, 2023

    Does Your IT Department or Vendor Care About You? YES!

    Technology Management Parallels in Chevrolet's Annual Christmas Carol

    Have you ever been moved by a story or moment that unexpectedly sparked within you a desire to take action?

    The 2023 version of Chevrolet's annual Christmas carol-like TV commercial resonates with deep emotional undertones and mirrors the instincts and preparedness that are quintessential in the realm of information and communications technology (ICT) management.

    If you find yourself touched by this poignant five-minute story, consider the year round parallels in the planning and preparation conducted by your "Technology Managers".

    Imagining & Preparing for Future User Needs & Expectations

    The commercial presents four heroes: a grandmother grappling with fading memories, a grandfather meticulously creating an environment to revive her memories, a mom doing what moms do, and a granddaughter intuitively compelled to act, echoing a technology user's response to a problem in need of immediate action.

    The scene where the granddaughter effortlessly reaches for her grandmother’s coat being handed to her by her waiting mother on their way to the gassed up Suburban parallels how users interact with each other within well-designed tech systems - intuitively and efficiently.

    The granddaughter expected the Suburban to start, and it did - thanks no doubt to a family teammate who earlier that week topped off the tank, checked the battery and made sure the John Denver 8-track tape still sounded great!

    Technology Managed = Applications Integrated + Regularly Tested

    This holiday narrative beautifully illustrates the essence of technology management. The granddaughter’s seamless actions, driven by an almost invisible force to jog memories, didn’t require her to fret over application breakdowns like a missing coat or a dead battery.

    This mirrors how business users expect to interact with office technology - with every feature conceived, designed, and tested by foresighted professionals, so that critical business applications are always ready for action when the need arises - and work flawlessly every time.

    Ready Apps Make Happy User (AKA "CX") Experiences

    The joy and relief in the commercial, seen in the family members as the grandmother reminisces, symbolize the "happy users" enjoying a positive "customer experience" (CX).

    It’s not about who gets the credit; it’s about the collective effort of a technology team that anticipates and prepares for user needs, ensuring smooth, problem-solving experiences every day of the year.

    Empowered Users Synergize Business Productivity When IT Leaders Manage Technology Invisibly

    The grandmother's spontaneous recollection, enabled by the family's thoughtful preparation, is a powerful metaphor for effective technology management.

    It’s about envisioning potential scenarios, integrating solutions, and conducting thorough testing to ensure a seamless user experience the first time and every time an application is accessed. 

    So, as you reflect on this heartwarming story, consider its implications in your role as a Technology Manager or technology user. It’s about curiosity and imagination, followed by strategic integration and rigorous testing.

    Just like preparing for a family holiday feast, managing technology is about anticipating needs, preparing solutions, and ensuring memorable experiences for users.

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

    Wishing you joy and peace during this season of celebration, whether you're observing Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or other festive traditions.

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