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Network Ready for AI@Work? Join ATEL Communications, & Thursdays at 3pm to learn & practice in our AI@Work sandbox!

7:41 AM EST on December 17, 2023


    Where Does AI@Work Go? Inside your network or outside your firewall? Which AI@Work? We've tested ChatGPT4, Claude2, Fireflies, Copilot & Supervity - see our results & use our test set.

    If you're both worried & excited about AI@Work you're not alone.

    I'm Dan Baldwin, Editor & Publisher of and I've been testing five different providers of AI@Work applications for over six months with ATEL Communications, San Diego's premier technology solutions distributor for forty years and we're ready to share our findings with our fellow business owners every Thursday at 3pm PT on our AI@Work.Reviews weekly webinar.

    To get a front row seat of the AI@Work applications that your competitors are mastering right now, reserve your spot by sending an email to AI@Work.Reviews.

    Questions? Call Editor & Publisher Dan Baldwin at 951-251-5155 or ATEL Communications at 858-646-4600

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