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Advisor Member Benefits: Details

7:39 PM EST on January 18, 2024 Empowering Technology Advisors, Consultants, and Independent Sales Agents

    Revolutionize Your Approach to ICT Sales and Marketing with TMBG

    What is TMBG?
    As an advisor in the ICT sector, you're likely familiar with the challenge of standing out in a crowded market. TMBG offers a unique solution to this problem by simplifying your marketing efforts to a single focus: encouraging your clients to join TMBG and choose you as their preferred advisor. This streamlined approach is designed to cut through the noise and connect you directly with potential clients.

    Targeted Marketing at the Metro Level
    TMBG operates on a national scale but concentrates its marketing efforts at the metro territory level. For example, if you're based in San Diego County, TMBG’s AI-driven outreach will be specifically tailored to that area, ensuring relevant and efficient client connections.

    Streamlined Client Connection through Deal Registration
    TMBG's proprietary ICT solution self-discovery and analysis tools allow TMBG member technology managers to register their ICT needs with us. We then facilitate a seamless connection between these members and the best-suited vendors, guided by their chosen TMBG affiliate advisor. This process ensures that you receive opportunities that are primed and ready for your expertise.

    Balancing Competitive Bids with TSD Selection
    To ensure competitiveness and quality, TMBG educates its members to split their orders between a primary and a secondary technology services distributor (TSD). This guarantees that members benefit from the expertise of two top sales engineering departments, offering you a diverse range of opportunities to provide your services.

    Limited and Exclusive Affiliate Opportunities
    Recognizing the value of local advisors, TMBG limits the number of affiliates per TSD in each metro territory, ensuring exclusivity and maximum exposure for you. Affiliate designations are allocated on a 'first come, first served' basis, with the first affiliate receiving the majority of new opportunities, though members can choose their preferred advisor.

    How to Join and Benefit as a TMBG Advisor:

    1. Join TMBG: A membership fee of $10 per month.
    2. Request Affiliate Designation: Select your preferred metro and TSD for $95 per month each.
    3. Lock in Your Designation: Prepay for the number of months to secure your spot.
    4. Enjoy Targeted Marketing: Benefit from TMBG’s promotional efforts for your professional services in your designated areas.

    Elevate Your Position in the ICT Marketplace
    Join us at TMBG and transform the way you connect with clients and opportunities in the ICT sector.

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