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TMBG Newsletter for Qualcomm Technology Managers & ICT Decision Makers: March 2024

In This Issue: 1) What's, 2) Who's Dan Baldwin & 3) Why Should You Bookmark this Webpage?

Dear Qualcomm Technology Managers & ICT Decision Makers,

Who's Dan Baldwin?

I'm Dan Baldwin (the guy in the picture above). I'm a contract technology manager and information & communications technology or "ICT" decision maker just like you - only I don't work for or currently contract to Qualcomm - but I do specialize in contracting to California headquartered enterprise businesses with 500+ employees with multiple locations around the country or the globe.

Over my 30+ year career as an ICT project manager, I've either done it, seen it or know who's best at doing whatever needs doing when it comes to multi-vendor, multi-location technology migrations from everything old to anything new in the realm of business ICT solutions, services and applications.

What's is this real-human-written, help-you-plan-and-prepare all Qualcomm's 2024 & 2025 ICT projects web page that you're on right now. In an age of "GPT-this and Copilot-that" it's nice to know what's AI "real-good-guessing" and what's "actual-human-confirmed" when it comes to reading a technology recommendation and wondering if it's based on "AI maybe" or warm blooded human experience.

To be clear, no one at Qualcomm asked for or authorized me to write a monthly ICT newsletter for all Qualcomm's 39 San Diego-based technology managers and ICT decision makers. I just asked myself one day, "What would be a fun business for someone with my career experience?"

And then I decided, "Oh, I'll write a monthly business newsletter for Qualcomm's ICT managers and decision makers letting them know about all the ICT emerging technologies that I work with and learn about every day that would help them save money and solve their problems quicker so they can take a day off now & then and do something fun - in San Diego!" That's how got started.

Why You Should Bookmark the Webpage? (Hint: More days off & free time!)

As you already know, every ICT vendor and advisor on the planet from AT&T to Zoom want Qualcomm to choose them because they're better. It's true that one ICT vendor is usually slightly better than the other, but the legacy way of choosing amongst competing vendors, granting each a lengthy "discovery appointment" and then enduring their benefits-barf presentation, requires you to invest your time and energy sorting and sifting through all their ICT barf.

The way is better because we imagine (or you tell us) what ICT projects and initiatives Qualcomm is planning for this year and next and then we assemble all the best ICT vendors and advisors within that ICT solution, service or application category, engage in a spirited best practices project merging Qualcomm's ICT vison with the best ICT vendors and advisors in that category, and then publish our findings at - you guessed it - - so it's easy to find - no searching through emails or downloading AI written white papers or enduring presentation after presentation from all "the best vendors".

At, you're in charge of what you respond to. Follow-up with the vendors who publish in advance why they are actually the best for Qualcomm and see that content endorsed by ICT industry subject matter experts before you accept an individual vendor "discovery appointment".

See? saves you time & resources when you let us know what your ICT projects and initiatives are so we can do the first, second & third wave of research and analysis for you - while you're on the beach or catching a Padres game!

Once you see the solutions you like on you know you can't go wrong because the information has been vetted by real, vendor neutral human subject matter experts! (Bookmark page now!)

TMBG's Commitment to Qualcomm:

At TMBG, we recognize the importance of fostering strong connections between Qualcomm's ICT decision-makers and the world's leading ICT solution providers.

With direct distribution relationships with over 200 top technology solution vendors - from AT&T to Zoom - we are uniquely positioned to facilitate meaningful analysis, vendor neutral subject matter expert reviews, and then finally introductions to the top vendors and advisors.

Our goal is to ensure that Qualcomm not only stays ahead of the curve but also maximizes the potential of every ICT project undertaken.

As part of our publishing service, we are happy to offer Qualcomm technology managers and ICT decision makers access to our vast content and provider network, promising an unparalleled advantage in your ICT endeavors.

Whether you're looking to revolutionize automotive technology, harness the power of AI, or expand into new technological frontiers, TMBG is here to connect you with the best in the ICT business world.

Join Us:
Embrace the future of ICT with and unlock a world of innovative solutions tailored to Qualcomm's ambitious projects. Let us be your bridge to the leading ICT solution providers, ensuring your projects not only meet but exceed expectations.

To explore how TMBG can support your ICT projects and to become a part of our exclusive network, contact me today to let me know what Qualcomm's 2024 & 2025 ICT project and initiatives look like so I can get the best and the brightest in the ICT realm working for you - so you can get back to the beach!

Together, let's drive technological excellence and innovation.

Let's do this!

Dan Baldwin, Editor & Publisher, 951-2515-5155, Calendar,

PS: We've provisioned Qualcomm's exclusive ICT Quote & Order Hotline 844-650-0400 that's answered by trained technology advisors Monday through Friday, 7am to 7pm PT.

Note: This newsletter is designed to serve dual purposes - appealing to Qualcomm's ICT decision makers by highlighting relevant projects and potential vendor partnerships, and attracting ICT vendors by showcasing opportunities to align with Qualcomm's cutting-edge initiatives. By emphasizing TMBG's unique position to facilitate these connections, we aim to create a valuable platform for both Qualcomm and ICT solution providers, fostering growth and innovation across the board.