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About - “What We Offer”

Our Platform: is the go-to digital resource and member-supported hub for the “Technology Manager Buyers Guide News,” a premier weekly newsletter. We deliver regular, insightful updates to our cornerstone publication, the “Technology Manager Buyers Guide 2024,” ensuring our readers are always at the forefront of industry developments.

Our Newsletter: “Technology Manager Buyers Guide News”

Every week, we distill the essence of innovation and progress into “Technology Manager Buyers Guide News” — a curated newsletter that transforms the abundant daily updates from into practical, actionable insights. It’s crafted for the diligent professionals who manage the intricate and ever-evolving landscape of information & communications technology (ICT). With our newsletter, technology managers remain in sync with the latest trends and shifts, ensuring they’re always at the cutting edge of industry knowledge.

Our Guide: “Technology Manager Buyers Guide 2024”

This comprehensive e-book, available in PDF format, serves two pivotal roles:

  1. It demystifies the intricate web of ICT solutions, clarifying how changes in one area can ripple across your technology ecosystem.
  2. It provides a meticulously vetted list of top-tier ICT vendors, assuring our members that any choice they make is a sound one.

Our Foundation: Technology Association (TA)

Rooted in the principle of education, the Technology Association—a 501(c)(3) non-profit—empowers its members with the acumen to navigate the ICT managed services sphere effectively. Officially the Information & Communications Technology Managed Services Association, we embrace the succinct “TA” for brevity and ease.

About Us - “Who We Are”

Leadership & Governance:

TA thrives under the stewardship of founders Dan Baldwin—TMBG Editor and technology manager, and Nancy Hagen Baldwin—Executive Director. Our Advisory Board, comprising diverse members across the sector, commits to a 12-month term to drive our mission forward.

Our Community: A Triad of Expertise

Primary Members: Our association is home to a dynamic trio of ICT professionals, each playing a pivotal role in the technology management ecosystem.

  1. Technology Managers: The strategists and decision-makers within a company who select and oversee ICT solutions through internal IT departments or outsourced MSPs.
  2. Technology Advisors: The knowledgeable consultants who guide Technology Managers through the complex landscape of ICT strategy and decision-making.
  3. Technology Providers: The innovators and producers of ICT solutions, who offer the infrastructure, software, and services that drive the industry forward.

Secondary Members: Complementing our primary trio is a diverse group of supportive professionals from across various sectors. These individuals and organizations contribute to and amplify our mission by providing valuable support and resources.

This integration ensures the representation of all key member groups within the Technology Association’s community, highlighting the important role each plays in the broader ICT management narrative.

Membership Structure & Perks:

As a member-owned collective without corporate shareholders, our priorities lie squarely with our members’ educational needs. Our equitable dues policy ensures all members within a category enjoy equal benefits and opportunities. Here’s how our dues system facilitates our educational mission:

  • Technology Managers: $20/month (50% off for annual prepayment)
  • Technology Advisors: $995/month (50% off for annual prepayment)
  • Technology Providers: $1995/month (50% off for annual prepayment)

Benefits Across the Board:

  • Exclusive content tailored to each membership level.
  • Opportunities to contribute and engage with the community.
  • Licensing privileges for TA content.
  • Discounts up to 10% from fellow TA members.

About Us - “Why Choose Us?”

Our Distinct Edge:

A non-profit association's Buyers Guide for Technology Managers inherently builds trust and fosters transparency, allowing for a more focused dialogue on problem-solving and informed decision-making. Moreover, it curtails the typical marketing and sales expenses by bypassing the clutter of aggressive vendor promotions.

Why We Stand Out:

  • Member-Centric Approach: Unlike past associations, we zero in on the buyers' needs rather than the sellers'.
  • Founder’s Vision: Dan Baldwin brings over three decades of experience and an entrepreneurial spirit, pledging his final career years to nurturing a community that teaches and thrives on mutual success.
  • Leveraging AI: With AI revolutionizing content creation, we're uniquely positioned to convert "How to Sell" narratives into "How to Buy" resources effectively and cost-efficiently.

The Ultimate Advantage for Our Members:
Our ecosystem offers unparalleled benefits—managers gain unbiased purchasing insights, advisors enjoy a direct line to potential clients, and providers engage with a market of well-informed, ready-to-purchase technology managers.